A difficult day at work can leave us feeling jangled and depleted – here are three really practical things to help you re-set.

Firstly – calm your nervous system.

A difficult and stressful day can leave us full of the hormone cortisol which makes us simultaneously tired and wired. It can really help to give yourself a few minutes to focus on your breath: breathe deeply into your abdomen and count the breaths in and out to a regular pattern.

Secondly – think of something that makes you happy; a person, a place, a memory.

Not only will this help you take your mind off your day, it will also help your body to metabolise the cortisol.

Thirdly – do something that re-charges your batteries.

Think about something that will restore your energy and dedicate time to it. A walk, a sleep, a read, a chat – whatever it is, being intentional about topping up your energy is so important to your self-care and can give you a new perspective too.

Journal prompts to make you feel more confident 

Write down three things that you are proud to have done today:
Confidence grows with each brave act. Whether it was big or small, take a moment to reflect on what you have done today – how you showed up for yourself and others.

Write down 3 things that you are grateful for
Think of things that you feel grateful for right now. They can be big or little things in the present moment. Feeling grateful helps. Gratitude always makes us feel better, because it focuses us on what we have not what we lack. It reminds us of what we do have – and that it’s enough.

Complete this sentence:
Today I know that I am enough because…

First published in Women’s Health

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