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Twenty-first century leadership is all about being human and authentic as you steer the inevitably choppy waters of complexity, uncertainty and volume with confidence and clarity. 

How do you do that in a way that is not overwhelming to you and those you work with?  What do you need to learn about yourself and others in order to bring your best to the challenges you face, and invites others to do the same?  How well do you understand the hidden dynamics and loyalties that might get in the way of your own leadership, or cause your team or organisation to feel stuck? How do you locate your ‘true north’ and lead with a strong sense of shared purpose?  We have 25 years of working with people across all sectors in senior roles making hard decisions and leading amazing teams to do incredible things.  Walking alongside our clients, we offer space to pause, reflect, choose and re-set, drawing on our substantial training and research in systems thinking, behavioural psychology, neurobiology and team dynamics.  If this sounds useful, we’d love to journey with you too.

121 Coaching

We take a systemic, holistic approach to coaching drawing on our in-depth understanding of family systems, neuro-biology (Hearth Math), positive and behavioral psychology and personality preference styles.

For 25 years hundreds of people have sought coaching with us to work on their leadership style, visibility and impact;  building good teams, their personal resilience, and personal presence. Or simply to have time to think and reflect in their busy lives. Our coaching gives you space to focus on what you need to be, do or have in order to live full and rich working lives.

Leadership Teams

We travel with leadership teams supporting them to work brilliantly together in service of their collective purpose.

We always co-create the work we do with senior teams, drawing on our knowledge of team dynamics, organisational systems, strategic leadership and organisational health.  We combine rich experience and practical facilitation with the latest research into high performing teams so that we can best support your leadership teams to thrive.

Designed Programmes

Over the years we have designed and led award winning culture change, transformation and leadership programmes.

Our signature is combining the latest thinking and research with highly practical support. As well as specialist programme design and facilitators, we have a team of associate actor / coaches, who bring theory to life via scripted scenes (bespoke for every new client), so that participants can see behavioural psychology in action. Highly interactive, enjoyable and effective, our actor based learning programmes come highly recommended by a range of clients, who have found them to be a great way to bring leadership behaviours and culture change to life. To find out more about this innovative and creative approach to leadership development email


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