So much of how we feel at work comes from the culture we find ourselves in – the unwritten rules of how it is to work in your organisation. 

How can you make your organisational culture one where healthy work habits are smiled upon?  By that I mean, having breaks between meetings (especially for those still working from home or online), having a lunch break away from the desk, not emailing in the evenings or weekends.  What leaders role model, others will do, so this culture has to be adopted by everyone. 

The second boost to employee happiness is building a culture of appreciation. 

In over twenty years of working in organisations as a coach and consultant, I have NEVER heard anyone say, ‘we get thanked too much round here!’ In fact, the opposite is often the case. 

What can you do to boost a sense of appreciation for all employees – in the every day interactions and small moments?  

First published in People Management.

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