“You alone are enough you have nothing to prove to anybody.”

Maya Angelou

Enough is a place of ease and flow. It’s a place which is resourced by love and abundance; it’s a place of balance and poise, of inner truth and deep confidence. When we know that we are Enough, we allow ourselves to shine, to live and work at a sustainable pace, and contribute to making the world a better place for everyone. 

When we do not feel enough, we can fall into Scarcity – where are driven by fear and a sense of lack. Or we can fall into Glut, where everything is too much, overwhelming, out of control. So many of us feel out of balance right now – where we are not enough, and what we have to do feels too much. Our world feels so out of balance too – ecocide, racial injustice, increasing inequality between rich and poor.  

We need to re-balance – and that requires us each to find our place of Enough. When each one of us feels that we can BE Enough, that we DO Enough then we can connect with each other to work out how we can HAVE Enough and in doing so we can re-balance some of the world’s biggest systemic challenges. It really is an inside out, outside in journey.

Join the journey of Enough. Find out what you can do to feel that you are Enough, can do Enough and that together we can HAVE Enough to re-balance ourselves and re-balance the world. 

Becky Hall has worked as a facilitator and coach for twenty years with organisations, leaders and people from all walks of life; coaching self-doubting people to discover that who they are is enough, coaching busy people to discover that they can claim back how to DO enough, and working with others to connect with the nature, with other people, with sustainable life-styles so that together we can HAVE enough.  

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