Start by thinking about what’s most important to you this festive season.

It’s so easy to get pulled into thinking that you have to do certain things. Expectations are high and habits run deep. What is most important to YOU? Is it time with loved ones? Is it time to rest and recover? It can help to write down all the things that really matter to you, and putting them in order of importance. That way you can avoid getting pulled into things that aren’t so important to you. It can help you to respectfully say ‘no’ to things, so that you have time for the things that you really care about.

Think about what you have, not what you lack. Focus on what you are doing, not what you aren’t. This is an ‘enough’ practice that centres you away from a feeling of scarcity or overwhelm. You are enough, you do enough, you have enough. Layering this with gratitude for everything that you do have is a great antidote to worrying about what you don’t have or haven’t done. Do this daily.

Set your own limits.

The festive season can feel like a bottomless pit of expectation, excess and expenditure! Anxiety and overwhelm lurk when we don’t have healthy boundaries. So it can be useful to set your own limits; what is the maximum you want to spend? How much do you want to do? Limits are a great way of containing us. Think of them holding and sustaining you – keeping you on track. It’s a great re-frame, and invites you to be creative about what’s possible so you don’t over-extend.

Remember you have choices.

In the moment, when there are a lot of demands on us, it can feel that we are obliged to do what others want. Whether it be kids, parents, partners or friends, there can be a sense during the festive season that we have to be and do what is expected, rather than what we want to do. Remember – you have choices. If you notice yourself getting pulled into a sense of ‘should’, ‘ought to’ or simply resenting that your time is not your own – take a pause, reflect, decide what you want to do and re-set. Your time is your own. Use it well.

Recharge your own batteries.

What is it that you need to re-charge your batteries during this busy time. It could be that a drink with friends is the thing that does this – but it could be that a walk on your own would be better, or a night reading your book. Whatever it is for you – find at least one small thing each day that gives you energy – that re-resources you. So that you have enough in the tank for the moments that matter. Make sure you have the energy to enjoy this time too!

BREATHE – a quick 2 minute focus on your breathing can help calm your nervous system where ever you are – even if you’re in the supermarket or on a bus – whatever.

Remember time with loved ones trumps stuff every time. You are enough, you’ve got enough – so just focus on how you can enjoy it!

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